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Applied Physiology and Anatomy Digest (APAD) is an official publication of  Basic Medical Sciences Association ( BMSA)  , an open access, double blind peer revived quarterly publishing specialty print medical journal dedicated for the publication of high quality and innovative original research work, review work and unique findings either case reports , short communications etc in the emerging field of basic medicine research concern with physiology and anatomy. It  include academic interest , inovative practices in the area of medical education concern with  Physiology and Anatomy , new reforms viz.  translational research , Evidence based Medicine , early clinical exposure , integrated teaching- learning , problem based learning  practices etc. 

As emerging research in medicine  concern with anatomy and physiology is increasing due to exposure of knowledge through Internet, web based solutions etc. worldwide and seeding of applied facts in basic concepts concern with Anatomy and physiology in healthcare sector. Most of medicine research is based on the foundation of anatomy and physiology. We are aware about these research known as translational research , means research framed in lab useful at bedside , vice versa research done at clinical level can be useful at lab reforming , modulations , up gradations in teaching process for better healthcare support.

In Asian countries, especially in India , due to availability of huge patient data which just score record work can be used in analytical and observational research. Though there is noticed large number of research papers concern with these mottos , however these never incorporated their strength due to their visibility and structured format in research . There is huge need to recollect these facts and analyze in systemic approach.

Translational research is seen as an important area of finding clinical practical applications. This has been attempted particularly in medicine. It refers to a process by which the findings of basic research are extended to the clinical research setting (bench to bedside) and then to clinical practice and eventually health policy (bedside to community). The concept of translational physiology applies the translational research model to the physiological sciences. It differs from the traditional areas of integrative and clinical physiology by its broad investigative scope of basic research to community health. Translational physiology offers exciting opportunities, but presently is under-developed. This will allow bidirectional physiological investigation throughout the translational continuum .

Basic research observations can be studied up to the population level, and mechanisms can be assessed by 'reverse translation' in clinical research settings and preclinical models based on initial observations made in populations.

In Indian scenario after working since fifteen years in basic medical sciences, I myself found certain lacunae  concern with research work and publications in these areas. There are very few dedicated journals found working in this area. Actually in India there is noticed tremendous enthusiasm and will , to work from new generation scientists and medical professionals in anatomy and physiology.

Our  aim is to provide suitable platform to such talents and Publishing such rectified and innovative approach results.

Applied Physiology and Anatomy Digest (APAD) is a speciality  journal publishing by Medworld asia Publishers .

Every article publishing by our team will be checked through strict compliance. All manuscripts will be subjected to rapid double blind peer review and only those of quality will be publishing without delay. Herewith we adopted pattern of online first for such innovations and recorded observations.

The APAD encourages research and collaboration from faculties, postgraduate students, PhD research scholar, scientists, the industry and the healthcare professionals from applied physiology and anatomy area.

The APAD is  journal allowing free access to abstract and full-text of published articles to all readers & Institutions.

Institutes/universities/colleges may add the journal in their respective e-Database by simply sending mail of prior permission to editor.

Print version is available for subscription by Institutions, universities and authors etc.

Manuscripts submitted to the APAD are initially reviewed by the Editorial Board who determines whether the manuscript meets the requirements of the journal or not. After approval the manuscript is then assigned to two reviewers who may include experts in relevant fields, as selected by the Editors for review in a double blind process. Reviewers are asked to assess submissions based on accuracy, innovations, depth of original research, appropriate documentation, and readability.


The APAD is available in both Print & Electronic version.


APAD  regularly start displaying licensing information on all our published journals article contents from  articles publishing from January 2020 .

APAD allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles and allow readers to use them for any other lawful purpose for any academic, scientific, professional utilization.

APAD allow readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles and allow readers to use them for any other lawful purpose for any academic, scientific, professional utilization.

APAD allow the author(s) to hold as well as to retain the copyright without any form of restrictions or boundaries.

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