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1 Sciatic Nerve Bifurcation, Its Variations And Relation To Piriformis Muscle: A Cadaveric Study , Dr Ahire Pratima B1, Dr Kankhare Sonali B2
2Study of Pulmonary function test in petrol pump workers of Nagpur city, Rahul Grover , Dr. Tasneem Ansari
3Study of Sexing the Human Sterni: Observational study , Dr Mandar Ambike* , Dr Mahesh Taru
4Variant anatomy of Extensor Indicis Muscle and its clinical significance DR.NAMRATA CHAVAN-MARATHE , DR.S.K.CHAVAN , DR.PIYUSH MARATHE
5Assessment of Peak Expiratory Flow rate status in normal pregnant (II & III trimester) and Non-pregnant women
6Prevalence of Obesity in high economy group of Adults , Dr Mandar Ambike, Dr Mahesh Taru
7Study of antinociceptive effect of sucrose to cold pressor test in human adults , Smita J Mokal, Amol Bhalerao*, Kalyani Ghodeswar, Muktpal Bhalerao
8Relation between Bone Mineral Density and Hand Grip in adult men, Dr Shiveta Bansal , Dr Aman Bansal