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1Study of handgrip strength & handgrip endurance in Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics , Dr. Tasneem J Ansari
2Reduced pachytene stage of primary spermatocyte count as effect of immobilisation stress in adult swiss albino mice-histological study , Dr. Bhavna Khandve , Dr. Mahesh Taru
3Relation of gender and family history with neonatal hearing loss , Dr.Santhi R Nath, Dr.Shrinidhi, Dr. Suja P, Dr. Bishara Lal, Dr. Rameedha
4A comparative study of anxiety traits and cold pressor test in offsprings of hypertensives and controls , K.I.King , Suja P
5Impact of smoking on vascular endothelium , Dr.Shrinidhi, Dr.Santhi R Nath
6Is obesity associated with polycystic ovarian disease? – an observational analytical study , Dr. Archana Shirsath , Dr. Anupam S. Khare , Ms. Honey Mittal
7Ultrasonographic study of relationship between fetal biparietal diameter and gestational age , Dr. Rahul Omprakash Paliwal , Dr. Arun Pundlikrao Kasote
8Surgical Anatomy of Median Nerve In Relation To Pronator Teres Muscle: a Cadaveric Study , Dr Gaikwad A P , Dr Pandhare S R , Dr Vaishali Paranjape
9Study of relationship between diaphyseal length of femur and gestational age of human fetus by ultrasonography in 2nd & 3rd trimester pregnancy , Dr. Rahul Omprakash Paliwal , Dr. Arun Pundlikrao Kasote , Mr. Karan Jain
10Effectiveness of formative assessment in improving the learning process among medical students , Suja P , K.I King